• 1868
  • Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1932 under the ticker code "GOW"


  • To maximise and protect shareholder wealth over the long term.


  • Patience
  • Discipline
  • Understanding
  • Conviction
  • Decisiveness
  • Integrity


Investments are made across different asset classes to take advantage of changing economic cycles. Having a diversified basket of assets also assists to produce smoother returns from year to year.

Investments are made in assets which have the potential to deliver superior growth over the long term when that growth is not reflected in today's asset prices. Investments are made on a risk return basis with higher returns required for more risky assets.

As a long term investor, we seek to maximise our returns over time through the power of compound interest and minimising costs.

At Gowings, all the board of directors and management are shareholders, giving rise to our commitment to "investing together for a secure future".


As an investor itself, Gowings values transparent information. An audit review is conducted half-yearly and formal audited financial statements are provided annually along with regular informal company updates.

All shareholder communication may be found at the company's website www.gowings.com or on the Australian Securities Exchange's website www.asx.com.au.


Gowings shares can be bought or sold through the Australian Securities Exchange under the ticker code GOW.

Gowings is internally managed and does not pay performance fees to an external manager in relation to the administration of the company. There are no entry or exit fees and no trailing commissions for investors in Gowings.


The Gowing family started the company in 1868 and continues to use the company as its principal wealth creation and preservation vehicle.

The company, under 4 generations of the Gowing family, has prospered through 146 years of economic booms and busts, world wars and market crashes. The company's origins were in retailing which soon led to significant property investments being made across Sydney's CBD. At one stage, the Gowings Market Street building completed in 1929 was the tallest building in the city.

Gowings also had an early interest in equity investments being one of the founding investors in Woolworths. In the 1950's, a significant re-allocation of capital was made into listed equities. Since then, the company's investment portfolio mix has shifted between equities, property and private equity investments according to the prospective outlook for each.